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Southgate, London, UK

Angela Dierks


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Binding with Briars

100cm x 100cm

Mixed media on box canvas

Dreaming under a Lemon Tree on a Cloudy Day

60cm x 80cm

Mixed media on box canvas

Calling all the Seas

80cm x 100cm

Mixed media on box canvas

Contemporary Art


Recent Works

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Angela Dierks


My background as an artist is somewhat unusual. I graduated from King’s College London with a BA German and followed this with MSt in European Literature at St Cross College, University of Oxford, in 1992. My first love has always been the written word. Over the years I developed a strong interest in the world of therapy having studied psychoanalytic readings of texts as part of my MSt. I started studying for a Counselling degree and completed an MA Integrative Counselling in 2009 followed by further courses in the field of psychotherapy and counselling.  Both literature and psychotherapy continue to inform my work as an artist…



Conway Road, London, N14 7BH

07506 771489