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Tierra del Fuego

120 W x 60H x 4cm

Artist pigment, marble dust, charcoal pencil on canvas.

£930 (SOLD)

A diptych inspired by the notion of fired earth, with beautiful earthy red and pink hues. Each canvas is 60cm x 60cm. This work was guided by intuition, reflecting processes in nature in the creative process of making this painting. Structures were created by using marble dust. Thin washes of paint were applied filling the cracks and crevices of the textured surface in interesting and spontaneous ways. Pigments were blown into the wet strutures adding burst of colour.

The painting comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Hooks and cord are attached to the back – the painting is ready for hanging.

Please note that the images of the painting in a home interior setting are for demonstration purposes only and not to scale.


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