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Extreme Heat


100cm x 100cm x 4.5cm

Artist pigment, acrylics, wax pastels, gold leaf on box canvas.


‘I believe there is a change in weather’. (Donald Trump)

Extreme Heat is defined as a long period of high temperatures and humity, where the body has to work extra hard to maintain its normal temperatures. Incidences of extreme heat are on the rise, frequently resulting in the highest number weather related deaths. In the United States for example about 600 deaths annually are due to extreme temperatures. Heatwaves across the globe are on the increase. A global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees celcius would take us into dangerous territority in many African countries, in particular in urban environments where heat is stored more intensely because of darker surfaces and less greenery. 354 major cities across the world already experience average summer temperatures over 35C, with a prediction of this number climbing to 970 by 2050. On days when temperatures reach 35C, a marked increase in hospital admissions and deaths occur in most countries.

This painting shows the rise in temperatures across the globe. Artist pigments, acrylic, finely dyed china paper, wwax pastels and gold leaf have been build over many layers to create depth in the painting.

The canvas has been painted around the edges in a complementary colour. Hooks and cord are attached at the back – the painting is ready for hanging.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note that the image of the painting in a home interior is for demonstration purposes only and not to scale. The canvas is unframed as yet.


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