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W 100 x H 100 x 4.5cm

Artist pigments, paper and charcoal pencil on canvas.



This beautifully vibrant painting has been built over many thin layers of paint and grew out of a slow process. It has been inspired Heinrich Heine’s poem ‘ Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen’ (Germany. A Winter’s Tale’).

I enjoyed bold brush strokes and more detailed mark making in this piece. I mixed my own paint with different reds and pinks. Pencil lines add movement to the work. Finely dyed china paper stained with ink has been built up over layers adding depth to the painting.

The canvas has been painted around the edges in a complementary colour. Hooks and cord are attached at the back – the painting is ready for hanging.

The painting comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.

A light satin varnish has been applied to protect it against sunlight, dust and other environmental factors.

Please note that the image of the painting in a home interior is for demonstration purposes only and not to scale.


Wintermärchen in home interior

Wintermärchen side right

Wintermärchen close up detail

Wintermärchen close up detail


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