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Breathing Space


100cm x 100cm

Pigments, acrylics, pencil, paper, wax pastels on Canvas.


This airy painting was inspired by a refresher course on mindfulness where the focus is very much on breathing. In this painting I tried to explore the mood of calm that I experienced during my meditation practices. I also enjoyed playing with shapes, values and colour in relationship to each other painting layer over layer until I felt the painting was complete. Beautiful hues of blue and lilac combine in varying degrees of lightness and opaqueness. I used artist pigments and fine china paper that I dyed and built up in layers.

The canvas has been painted around the edges in a complementary colour. Hooks and cord are attached at the back – the painting is ready for hanging.

The painting is a little bit lighter in hue than the camera captured.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space in home interior

Breathing Space side view


Conway Road, London, N14 7BH

07506 771489